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New scarves especially handwoven for children. Backed with a super soft fleece and kind to the skin using 100% cotton weave - no itches, no scratches. Available to buy now in the shop. Also available the handwoven childs scarf pattern for the rigid heddle loom
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New today:
Rigid heddle handwoven envelope fringed cushion

Weave, knit and crochet
Oh to handcraft something unique with
Beautiful yarns and clever techniques

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Join me for a course teaching you how to weave - see below for available courses now.

Teaching for the rigid heddle and table looms with shafts. Coming early next year - warping and weaving a floor loom

Yarn designs also creates patterns for you to try out - visit the
Pattern shop

Courses in Wales

Learn to warp your table loom
I will be teaching you on a one to one basis how to warp your 4, 8 or 12 shaft table loom. A one day course from 10am to 4pm in beautiful Tenby. I have set a date for 8th October. If this is not convenient for you, contact me to discuss alternative days

Up and coming courses
A beginner course: I will be teaching you how to make an envelope cushion on the Rigid Heddle loom at Make in Wales Stiwdio 3 in Cardigan, Wales. Dates to be arranged
Rigid Heddle Weaving course - Make a scarf
I will be teaching a beginners course on the Rigid Heddle loom at Make in Wales Stiwdio 3 in Cardigan on Friday October 22nd 2021
Custom built weaving course
Would you like a personal one to one course to learn to weave? Contact me

Hand Weaving

My first loom was a rigid heddle table loom from Ashford in New Zealand and available in the UK. I took my first lesson in mid Wales and never looked back. There are so many ideas to make, how about weaving a scarf and adding a crochet or knitted edge or an embroidery, the options are endless aren't they!
I now have an 8 shaft table loom, so many patterns to weave
Rigid heddle design pattern by Yarn Designs
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Crochet and knit

How do you do that?
As you learn you find lots of answers.
Why are my crochet edges wonky?
What yarn should I use for my project?
Can I use a different yarn to the one in the pattern?
How much yarn do I need?
Should I use natural or synthetic yarns?
How do I know what size needles or hooks to use?
What do the crochet and knit abbreviations mean?
So many questions - I will help with some answers on my
How to? page
Yarn designs carpet wool
Childrens teddy cardigan pattern by Yarn Designs
Three craft pots